We can predict that you may have already made the assumption that we are just another dental lab, and we can reassure you that you are absolutely correct. We have the same access to the materials and resources as every other lab that has approached you before. We’re sure you’ve heard the 30-second elevator pitch before, and that’s why we refuse to bore you again.

Conforming to the dental lab status quo goes against everything we believe in. We work to stand out from the crowd. We have a reason to get up in the morning and go to work at SDL. We work at Spartan Dental Lab not because we have too, but because we want too. This is what makes us so unique.

We believe that we don’t just have clients; we have our people. Here at SDL, we pride ourselves in being different and treating our people like family, because that’s what we are. We thoroughly understand that our people have people they care for. We believe that our people deserve not only quality products, but quality in every aspect of the partnership that SDL provides. We are a family of people caring for people, and this is what makes our partnership so valuable. We hold communication in the highest regard; from a phone call suggesting a material choice or just a friendly hello, we value our people and what they have to say.